What age is casting suitable from?

All ages from newborn can be cast.

Is it safe for my skin?

Yes! The moulding putty we use is actually classed as a food product. It is non toxic, biodegradable and safe for skin including babies and pets.

Does the casting hurt?

No, for the bigger castings like the linked arms or bumps you may get restless as it requires a layer of plaster bandage but we always try to set you in the most comfortable positions to avoid this.

Will I have an allergic reaction?

The molding jelly is made from seaweed so please do let us know if you have that particular allergy. We use plaster bandage but this rarely touches the skin. We also make sure that we only use latex free gloves.

Does Olympia Casting Studio do home visits?

At this present time we do not offer a home visit service, but if there is a clear demand then we may in the future.

Who carrys out the Casting?

Paula Jackson owner of Olympia Casting Studio is the sole caster. Trained by the world renowned “The Edinburgh Casting Studio”.

What are the payment terms?

A brief overview – To secure a booking slot a £50 non refundable deposit is required, and then full payment on the day of the casting. Full payment terms are set out in our terms and conditions.

How long until I get my casting?

From casting to finished item it generally takes approx. 4-6 weeks, this is to ensure that the plaster is fully dried out before work commences on it.

I’ve dropped my cast. Do you provide a repair service?

Generally no, however please get in touch and we will see what we are able to do. This would be at a chargeable rate.

I have an idea for a casting but its not on your website. Are you able to do it?

We love taking bespoke work on and would happily chat it through with you to see if it is possible.

Do you offer delivery?

Unfortunately at present it is pick up only. Although if needed a local delivery could be organised at an additional cost.

Do you accept returns or refunds?

As this is a very bespoke item made for you we do not take returns or offer refunds unless faulty. At Olympia Casting studio we check all our castings to make sure they are perfect for you when you come to pick them up.

Are we allowed to take photos / videos of our casting experience?

Of course! We welcome it. This is a unique experience and we urge you to make memories, we just kindly ask that credit is made to Olympia Casting Studio when posting on social media or other forms of media.

Are the ashes and hair jewellery made of glass?

No, my work is made from resin to keep costs down for you the client.

Can I have hair and ashes in one piece?

Yes of course!

Will my piece go yellow because it's made of resin?

All resins are susceptible to discolouration over time, caused by a few factors such as sun, air and moisture. The resin we use is high quality and has UV stabilizers within, no Olympia pieces have been reported to have discoloured as of yet.

(We have no data on what resins will look like in 5-50 years)

Can I shower with my Ashes Jewellery on?

Professional answer is no, however I have and still do shower with mine on and all are still as I made them.

Will the colour I've chosen fade?

Like anything, some colours may fade over time with the sun. It really depends on how often you wear it and how much sunlight it endures. (Mainly affects the darkest of colours)

What if I scratch it?

Resin looks like glass but sadly isn’t as hardy. If you manage to scratch your piece please don’t worry as it can be polished back up and/or resurfaced.

How much ashes do I need to send?

I only require a teaspoon of ashes to make your beautifully bespoke item, and will send the unused ashes back with the finished item. (Unless you request me to retain for further orders)

Do you offering engraving?

Yes I do as an optional upgrade. Text is just £5 or you can engrave your loved ones handwriting on there for £20.

How do you get a fingerprint for handmade jewellery?

I use a two part putty to make a mould of your fingerprint.  This is done by you at home with a kit with everything you need included.  If local, you have the option to pop in the studio, if I have the availability I will take them for you.

We can also scan fingerprints to engrave onto other products (in studio only)

What do I use for hand/foot prints and what do I do with them?

You have a few options paint and paper work fine but for younger babies and animals I recommend ordering an inkiness kit to obtain the prints.   This is a wipe and a special paper that react with one other to produce a high detail mess free print.


Once you have obtained the print you can email them to info@olympiacasting.co.uk


Do you do breastmilk Jewellery?

At present no, but I will be adding it to the range soon.